- League Of Legends Ip Rp Hack!!! No Surveys!!! Work On ...

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Video Details download file here: ------ instructions ------- step 1. register at the given link. step 2. play the game with your new account. step 3. become a junior summoner by reaching level 5. step 4. log on your cracked account and enjoy 10k rp and ip !! update !! found better method to get rp downloading the generator is no longer needed. now comes with 10k ip!! faq: q.why do i have to be lvl 5 in order to get my free rp? a. it is to make sure no one abuses the hack and when people abuse it riot will find out about the hack which means no free rp :( q.how does this work? a.we have found the hidden url that only riot knows about, this url allows newly registrerd players to gain 10k rp. with theese rp you can buy all the skins, champions etc u want. it will be easy to level them because u can buy xp boost with the rp etc. (now works on us and eu server.) q.is this fake? a.if you think this is fake then don't try it besides it only take an hour to get to lvl 5. any questions or problems please pm me :) ------- ignore ------- league of legends generator [working riot point generator] hacking cheat unlimited riot points for free lol cheats instructions repair tutorial editing montage programs technology hacks electronics howto computers widescreen video game hacking environment diy laptop downloads educational tips & tricks software black yoshi! - mario kart wii free xbox live microsoft points generator hack codes - free download! update march 2011 awesome! how to hack facebook password ninja saga god mode hack!! free download!! public released 3rd july ninja saga token or emblem hack cheat working [new update version 2 march 2011]ninja saga ultimate hack !!updated!![ 7 march 2011] playspan ultimate points generator v3.0 [updated hack] [new march 2011] paypal money hack generator 10.07.2010 call of duty black ops mw2 ii download free hack xbox 360 facebook bola coins hack and hack codes(free download) league of legends rp 6.0 riot points hack [9 march 2011 update] lockerz point ...

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