17 April 2014
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3d animation of a wedding ring design by qbion
Duration : 1 Min 7 Sec. | Hits : 96869
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Video Details this wedding ring was designed by our studio. the customer wanted to see a 3d photorealistic animation of the wedding ring before production. the ring is made of a 24 carat gold outer ring, one diamond and a platinum inside ring. next, the 3d model of the outer ring was optimised for rapid prototyping. the following created plastic model then was used to serve as the negative mold for the gold casting.

cnc wedding ring machine  Picture
cnc wedding ring machine

4 Min 7 Sec. | Hits : 89030
wedding vii (backgrounds for videos)  Picture
wedding vii (backgrounds for videos)

4 Min 2 Sec. | Hits : 40359
la lavadora - closing titles  Picture
la lavadora - closing titles

1 Min 35 Sec. | Hits : 322170
3d animation short
3d animation short "bugs' race"

4 Min 28 Sec. | Hits : 28582
free wedding rings intro  Picture
free wedding rings intro

29 Sec. | Hits : 96271

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