The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody - S02e15 - The Suite Smell Of Excess

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Video Details arwin builds a machine called the p.u. (parallel universalizer) that can take you to an alternate universe. zack and cody use the machine to travel to a universe where everything is how they like it, but completely opposite of the normal universe: paris hilton is president, george clooney is on the quarter, the tipton hotel is the fitzpatrick hotel because maddie is the one who is rich, and not london. carey is a successful singer, with arwin being her producer (carey is the one who has a crush on arwin in the parallel universe, not the other way around). mr. moseby's nickname is 'm' and he loves playing in the lobby and disturbing the guests. lastly, esteban is a cleaning lady. after spending a few days there, they become tired of it and return to the real universe. no copyright intended