Unlocking Level Select In Sonic 3

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Video Details follow me on twitter: or check out my site where you can find all my videos detailed instructions for many sonic games here: /#sonic the hedgehog 3 first things first, this will work on any version of sonic 3 ( or sonic the hedgehog 3, what ever you you wish to call it). even "sonic mega collection plus" , "ultimate genesis collection", computer emulation, plus many more... will work!!! i have recently heard of some problems with this hack on virtual console. i have no way to test this so if a few viewers out there would like to test this and leave a video response, that would be great. good luck! anyway... this is hard to explain. at the beginning of the game, after the sega logo, but before sonic shows up, you have to press up up down down up up up up sounds easy, well its not, its really really really hard and fast! the best way to do this is to first... step 1: listen for what sounds like drum beats. you hear them right after the sega logo. step 2: press the first 4 buttons in the sequence (up up down down) between the first drum beat and the third drum beat. now you know what i mean by really fast. step 3: press the up button really fast over and over again (a.k.a., the last four "up"s). if you do this correctly, you will hear a "chime". attention... due to the speed at which this is done it will be unlikely that you will get it the first time. just keep trying. i recommend that you try and time how long it takes before the first drum beat starts so you can start pressing buttons exactly when the first beat happens. watch the video for more details. good luck to you all. and subscribe!!!!!!