02 September 2014
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beautiful hamd ahlehadees (q.muhammad taj deen shakir).flv
Duration : 10 Min 37 Sec. | Hits : 840
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Video Details beautiful hamd ahlehaddes + beautiful tauheed nazam by qari muhammad taj deeen shakir. i recorded it in tauheed e khalis seminar by tehreek e dawat e tauheed pakistan. some of the pictures you will see in this video are my creation (only pics not the ayats). please click like if you like it

hamdo naat 2  Picture
hamdo naat 2

5 Min 27 Sec. | Hits : 6056
qari taj shakir ae mein sonawan natan  Picture
qari taj shakir ae mein sonawan natan

7 Min 24 Sec. | Hits : 9055
naat quran wala aya hai  Picture
naat quran wala aya hai

8 Min 42 Sec. | Hits : 20739
jffar tayyar naat   Picture
jffar tayyar naat

4 Min 13 Sec. | Hits : 735

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