29 November 2014
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thai princess hits silver screen
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Video Details the princess of thailand was at the cannes film festival in france yesterday. there she presented her movie "where the miracle happens." let's get a sneak peak. for more news and videos visit ☛ follow us on twitter ☛ add us on facebook ☛ the film tells the story of a successful businesswoman named pimdao who loses her daughter in a car crash and is also played by the princess. pimdao is seriously injured and gets a heart transplant from her daughter. she decides to renounce materialism, change her life and to travel to rural regions and develop schools, a way to redeem herself and atone for her sins. while fighting against poverty, her body rejects her transplant. she knows that she has not much time left. the princess says her character in the film was quite similar to her in real life. [ubolratana rajakanya, thai princess]; "this character is kind of similar to myself, so i guess i got to like myself, i think, you know, that the character, the personality and the experience are kind of similar to mine and i'm not saying that it's easy to do, to act as this character, to be, you know, this person but the closest to yourself, the harder it gets." the princess says it's been her dream to work in the entertainment industry since she was a child. [ubolratana rajakanya, thai princess]; "in fact my mind always wanted to be like all the kids now, you know, they want to be in the entertainment industry, i always loved to sing and to act when i was a kid and like...you know i told everybody that came before you that people ask you when you are a kid what you want to do when you'll grow up ? and you know when i was like about 4 years-old, i said i wanted to be a singer." after the screening the princess went on to promote the entertainment industry in her country. the thailand entertainment expo 2008 will be held in bangkok in september.

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