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MTV Splitsvilla 2 13 June 2009 Season Finale Episode Live Cast

Thursday, 11 June 2009

MTV Splitsvilla 2 Finale 13 june 2009 Live Cast
  Our MTV Splitsvilla 2 Live Cast Is Over
Sidharth Sakshi Wins MTv Splitsvilla 2
MTv Splitsvilla 2 Finale 13 June 2009 Live Cast Log

 18:57 : Welcome To Splitsvilla 2 Finale Live Cast We Will resume In Some Time ..

19:00 : hey guys the game of wicked love begins!

19:01 : and today is extremely special since we are about to find out the Splitsvilla 2 Season winner

19:01 : which couple has what it takes? Siddharth Saakshi - Drama Couple or Mohit Joanna - Dumb Couple

19:04 : and all four contenders are remembering the tenure at Splitsvilla 2

19:05 : Siddharth says its more imp to beat Monit rather than winning the title

19:06 : the final competition will be judged by the remaining dumped contestants.

19:07 : most of the guys n gals feel that Mohit Joanna should win but all depends on the task well done as well

19:08 : Varun Jham says that he will still support Joanna even though she kicked him out twice!

19:09 : so here everyone draws out for the final final Finale competition

19:10 : Nikhil is here stating the rules of the final game

19:10 : the Final competition is between the girls and guys are just happy to help

19:12 : And its a Dance Competition between the Erstwhile Mother Queen Joanna and Wild Chick Saakshi

19:13 : and Saakshi makes the first wild move leaving rest of the guys gaping!

19:14 : well...... we head into a break!

19:15 : catch the review and videos of Boys Boxing Match

19:19 : hey... the show is back

19:21 : and Saakshi is having a real bad time proving their chemistry

19:21 : Mohit and Joanna take on the stage to finally dance off

19:22 : and now is the real dance fight between the girls

19:23 : and the Mother Joanna is going around throwing her hair in the air... with wild eyes looks

19:24 : Saakshi did the gig of belly dancing and the complete Splitsvilla 2 is drooling over her

19:26 : and here is the time when all the dumped contestants to write the name of their favored pair to become the winner of Splitsvilla 2

19:27 : and now its break!!! after it there is some hard talks between the contending pair to bash out the opponent!

19:33 : and the time is now to Crash talk the contenders out

19:35 : and the first one to go Crash Talking calling Siddharth son of veggie vendor

19:37 : and Siddharth brings down Mohit like there is no other day

19:38 : and after talking was over Mohit needed some water to sallow down the talks

19:38 : and now its girls time bashing eachother

19:39 : and Mother Queen Joanna is going blaah blaah ... all beeped talks

19:41 : guys were funny! and girls say it hard.... Saakshi said Joanna is aunty doing what in kids show!!

19:42 : and it so seems that Mother Queen Joanna is actually aunty because all she gave back to Saakshi was abuses and worst words... at least while pretending to be polished remember something like decency!

19:43 : BOO BOO to Joanna ! time for break!

19:47 : and the break is over and the final results are going to be announced

19:49 : so the Crash Talk winners are Mohit and Joanna its 11 against 4

19:50 : it so seems that Joanna\'s punjabi gig got the guys to vote for them

19:51 : varun jham will remain varun... so he changed his vote for dance competition!

19:52 : individual votes are being counted!

19:56 : the votes are tied at 4 4

19:57 : and we head into a break! and again BOO BOO to Joanna she is a complete fake aunty!

20:04 : Joanna is making horrile faces at those who didnt vote or her!!

20:05 : Stutee n Ritika voted for Joanna after a tete e tete

20:06 : Varun voted for Saakshi after striking off Joanna

20:06 : and now the score is at 7 7

20:07 : and now its Cheshta\'s vote which is decisive

20:07 : so the winner is ****** SAAKSHI*****

20:08 : Joanna Aunty is so upset that she refused to wish the Winners!!!

20:09 : the winners of SPLITSVILLA 2 Winner ***************Saakshi and Siddharth*****************

20:10 : JOANNA is the worst loser on any reality show that i have witnessed!

20:11 : so the show ends with deserving winners so to say!

20:13 : and we have the winners of Splitsvilla 2 Siddharth Saakshi and its bye or now Keep Good!



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