25 October 2014
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Lift Kara De 8th 9th January 2010 - Priyanka Chopra meets Biggest Fan Courtesy Karan Johar

Thursday, 07 January 2010


The official verdict for Lift Kara De is that of confused positioning and desperate attempt at being Oprah Winfrey. Famous celebrity, a die hard fan, a person in need and Karan Johar making wishes come true of all three, the story continues with Priyanka Chopra on Lift Kara De 8th January Episode.


Confused Positioning as a reality show or charity show or celebrity talk show usually a combination of all theselift_kara_de_karan_johar.jpg culminates into trying to be Oprah in India. Shahrukh Khan's Lift Kara De Episodes were striking as the celebrity himself didn't know that some charity is involved and there are some personal autographed items being given to fans who were finalists but couldn't meet him in person. The fan who won the task to meet SRK was puzzled herself at the charity angle. Was charity added at last minute to give Lift Kara De a heavenly aura?


Lift Kara De January 8th and 9th will have Priyanka Chopra as the lift_kara_de_priyanka_chopra.jpgcelebrity anxiously waiting to meet her biggest fan as well as helping a needy with charity amount that is won by competing fan finalists. There is too much concept confusion on Lift Kara De and no fun or entertainment Koffee With Karan was so much better at least everyone knew it was phony. With Lift Kara De its hard to differentiate between reality and dubious charity and attempted Oprah Winfrey of India.


Lift Kara De is a reality show or charity show or celebrity talk show usually a combination of all these culminates into trying to be Oprah in India!

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